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Martin March 6, Reply. It sounds to me as if God is reminding you of the divine presence. God is with us whether or not we are aware of it.


Sometimes we have to open our hearts. Sometimes, as in your first case, the divine spirit just comes in without an invitation. Our lives have many ups and downs. It is difficult, but then most important, to be aware during the dismal times that God is with us, loves us, and is available to guide us. You are receiving direct guidance and here a further challenge comes in — the challenge of spiritual discernment. It takes careful attention to recognize and correct interpret the divine signals.

It sounds as if you are doing a good job of that. Raymond February 7, Reply. I just have to relate this to someone and this seems as good a place as any. A line in the song says something about sitting in a bar talking about Gods Grace. Within 5 seconds of hearing those words, I was absolutely struck by sadness, fear, confusion, and a massive burden in my heart.

What Does the Bible Say about Speaking to God?

I started crying which I very seldom do and could not figure out what was happening. Within 30 or 40 seconds I instinctively fell to my knees in my office sobbing and begging for forgiveness. I kneeled there for probably 5 minutes before trying to get up in case someone came in. So here I am relating this. Martin February 17, Reply. This is good news, Raymond. There was, as you put it, a massive burden in your heart.

It is a deeply spiritual, grace-filled moment when you feel the sadness, fear, and confusion caused by that burden. It is indeed a moment for falling to your feet and pouring out your heart to God.

How to Make Your Relationship with God First in Your Life

That opened your heart to hearing, or feeling, the divine voice. Of course, you are blown away. Your story blows me away. Bless you for sharing! Jacob Slaven December 14, Reply. I am 14 years old, and I live in a small town. Every night, I would go outside in my backyard to get away from the struggles of life, and just observe the vast universe God has created. That week, one of the two friends I had mentioned, his grandmother past away. That same week, the friend I was just talking to yesterday came home to find his dog was dead in the pastures.

The next night, I went outside and conversed with God once again, but I cried, because I knew he had been with me all this time, and I realized, that feeling was to open up, or go talk to those people and comfort them. What does this mean? Is this a mad coincidence?

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The factors of life? Martin January 1, Reply. Jacob, it was NOT your fault. He also gave you confirmation that He is real and cares about your life and the lives of others. These events could be just coincidences, but you learn more by taking them seriously than by discounting them.

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You may have further moments God comes to you or you may not. God has already let you know that He is present and caring.

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Cherish that knowledge for the rest of your life! Lara November 29, Reply. My first conscious experience with God was a couple days after Easter this year. I call it conscious experience because it was my first time seeing and experiencing God in a way I never had before. I want to share a series of them that converted me from a non-believer to a Christian. I had used to go to church as a teenager in early s with friends but did not really catch on what it meant to know God and be a Christian.

So expectedly and tryingly, I faded away from Christianity a year or so later, still a teenager.

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The sermons are ridiculous! Why are they dramatizing the death of Jesus?

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  6. I was just full of resentment and critique after the service. At the same time, my mind could not get off the thought of what the church was all about. In a way I felt tormented over a week or so and that was so weird when I was supposed to be studying for my exams. Then came one day when I was just completely frustrated, the friend who churched me during Easter consoled me and gave me some wise words.

    Inexplicably, I felt a sudden peace and calmness in my mind and a sort of looking contently from above sort of calm all around me, that my problems I saw suddenly seemed so small and insignificant. And my friend said he was surprised to have said those things to me for he did not think he could say those words, when I thanked him for his kindness. That was a bit surreal and I did not feel frustration for the next few months very rare.

    I did not realise it then and thought to myself in retrospection two weeks later that was God coming close to me and healing my wounded self. Soon I decided to buy a bible as my teenager bible had gone missing and I felt I had to read the bible. When I did get started it is not my first time reading a bible though I was not too familiar with the content , I had no idea why, deep sorrow overwhelmed me and tears streamed down my face so excessively I was sobbing.

    For the record, I was just reading the book of John where Jesus had an interaction with the woman by the well. So inexplicable that I decided the only next reasonable step is I must put my faith in God. Since then it had been about a month plus after Easter, I had been having very strange experiences that just told me God is with me. I went to church on my own and prayed on my own and lamented to God why this Christian path is a little lonely, and at that exact moment, some show screening on TV showed a couple of people praying together and going Amen at the moment I went Amen.

    How coincidental is that? In my bestest attempts to be godly, that I perceived as shit fake, God had not given up on me.

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    After I left church in my teenage years, many good things started to happen to me I would say it was the awakening of my life. I got to achieve a few of my life goals and become more independent, got opportunities to work, travel and study and play and be in love. But after my Easter church this year and the strange spiritual experiences I had, this epiphany just rolled onto me and i could not help but cry and praise God for all that He had done for me and not leaving me even when I left Him.

    I could just suddenly understand that all that I was enjoying was from the love and grace of God, which strangely a few moments ago, this thought was inconceivable and the experience therefore, unconscious. Another overwhelming tearing experience followed while I shook in gratitude for God. I knew I was reborn again, this time in Christ for sure. Martin December 6, Reply. Lara, there are many lessons in your wonderful report.