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Rickman is an excellent writer, terrific on atmosphere They would make a solid Christmassy read, appropriate to the season Rickman's work has a satisfying refusal to find easy answers or to take sides in spiritual debates. The destabilizing combination of death and religion is fascinatingly observed in this series. What T. Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review. Wampie 14 november Ik raad dit product aan. Spannend Fantasierijk.


Sterke personages, goed uitgewerkt plot en ook nog spannend. Vond je dit een nuttige review? Kies je bindwijze. Direct beschikbaar. Verkoop door bol. Ebook Op verlanglijstje. E-book is direct beschikbaar na aankoop E-books lezen is voordelig Dag en nacht klantenservice Veilig betalen. Anderen bekeken ook. Millionaire music tycoon Max Goff came because there was nothing left to conquer, except the power of the spirit.

But he knew nothing of the town's legacy of dark magic - and nobody felt like telling him Though dead for two millennia, he remains perfectly preserved in black peat.

The Occult: Mysteries Of The Supernatural ( 1977 )

The Man in the Moss is one of the most fascinating finds of the century. But, for the isolated Pennine community of Bridelow, his removal is a sinister sign. A danger to the ancient spiritual tradition maintained, curiously, by the Mothers' Union. In the weeks approaching Samhain - the Celtic feast of the dead - tragedy strikes again in Bridelow. Garway church was built by medieval Knights Templar. After seven centuries, the Welsh border village is still shadowed in their mysteries.

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Why do the local pubs have astrological names? What happened in Garway to intimidate the Edwardian ghost-story writer M. R James? And why is it impossible to find a builder prepared to restore the ancient Master House, a few fields away from Garway church? It is , and Elizabeth Tudor has been on the throne for a year. Dr John Dee is her astrologer and consultant in the hidden arts…a controversial appointment in these days of superstition. Now the bookish Dee has been sent to Glastonbury to find the missing bones of King Arthur.

The town is still mourning the gruesome execution of its abbot, Richard Whiting. But why was he killed? When she's not digging up bones or other ancient objects, Ruth Galloway lectures at the University of North Norfolk. She lives happily alone in a remote place called Saltmarsh overlooking the North Sea and, for company; she has her cats Flint and Sparky, and Radio 4.

When a child's bones are found in the marshes near an ancient site that Ruth worked on ten years earlier, Ruth is asked to date them. At the end of the 18th century, the poet William Wordsworth rambled, in a strange visionary haze, from Salisbury Plain up into the Wye Valley.

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The epic walk changed his life. More than years later, Oxford student David Vaynor followed the same secluded route and still can't explain what happened to him there. Now he's back, as a police detective investigating a suspicious death, and finds that, in this place of cliffs and chasms, it's far from easy to escape the past. In the ruins of a haunted medieval abbey, four musicians hope to tap into the site's dark history. The experience almost destroys them. Glastonbury, legendary resting place of the Holy Grail, is a mysterious and haunting town. But when plump, dizzy Diane Ffitch returns home, it's with a sense of deep unease - and not only about her aristocratic family's reaction to her broken engagement and her New Age companions.

Plans for a new motorway have intensified the old bitterness between the local people and the 'pilgrims', so already the sacred air is soured. A body is found on a quiet lane in Exmoor, victim of a hit and run. He has no ID, no wallet, no phone, and - after being dragged along the road - no recognisable face.

Gillard is soon embroiled when the car in question is traced to his aunt. As he delves deeper, a dark mystery reveals itself, haunted by family secrets, with repercussions Gillard could never have imagined. The past has never been deadlier.

Phil Rickman

Criminologist Martin Knight lives a gilded life and is a thorn in the side of the police. But then his wife, Liz, goes missing. There is no good explanation and no sign of Martin Is it just a missing person or something worse? And what relevance do the events around the shocking Girl F case, so taken up by Knight, have to do with the present?

The truth is darker than you could ever have imagined.

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Clare Cassidy is no stranger to murder. A high school English teacher specializing in the Gothic writer R. Holland, she teaches a course on it every year. Leo Defford doesn't believe in ghosts. But as the head of an independent production company, he does believe in high-impact TV. Defford hires journalist Grayle Underhill to research the history of Knap Hall, a one-time Tudor farmhouse that became the ultimate luxury guest house Its recent history isn't conducive to a quick sale, but Defford isn't interested in keeping Knap Hall for longer than it takes to make a reality TV show that will run night after night Corpse candles.

Phantom funerals. The bird of death.

Phil Rickman - Wikipedia

It was insidious For Bethan, the schoolteacher, the old superstitions woven into the social fabric of her West Wales village are primitive and distasteful. Which is why she's pleased to welcome the sophisticated newcomers: London journalist Giles Freeman and his wife, Claire. Surely they'll let in some fresh air. Jack's a retired ex-cop from New York, seeking the simple life in Cherringham. Sarah's a Web designer who's moved back to the village find herself.

But their lives are anything but quiet as the two team up to solve Cherringham's criminal mysteries. Greta Helsing has inherited the family's highly specialized and highly peculiar medical practice. She treats the undead for a host of ills - vocal strain in banshees, arthritis in barrow-wights, and entropy in mummies. It's a quiet, supernatural-adjacent life until a sect of murderous monks emerges, killing human and undead Londoners alike.

As terror takes hold of the city, Greta must use her unusual skills to stop the cult if she hopes to save her practice - and her life. Promising architect Peter Young is shot dead at his desk. DCI Craig Gillard is on the scene, looking at what appears to be a brutal and highly professional hit: two bullets, fired with ice-cold calm.

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Gillard knows that the most crucial question in solving the crime is one word: why? Two weeks later, on the Lincolnshire coast, another body is found on a windswept beach. In this case there is no identity for the young man, just a curious brand burned into his neck When autumn storms blast Hereford, centuries-old human bones are found among the roots of a blown down tree. Consulter l'avis complet. Phil Rickman's Merrily Watkins series keeps getting better and better. In this book we delve into the past during the 13 and 14 centuries when the Knights Templar still existed.

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