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Shut your mouth. You call me? Did you call me? Weh it is? Where is it? Weh you gine? Nuh body in call you.

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Nobody called you. Lef dah lone. Leave that. I doan see-e nuh mo. I do not see him anymore. Weh you from? Where do you live? Somebody cah it way. Somebody stole it. Dem in nuh good.

They are no good. It doan work. It does not work.

Lef it day. Leave it there. De bus brek down. The bus broke down. I cahn get it do. I cahn fine it. I cuhn fine it.

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I could not fin d it. De bus gone long. The bus has gone. He got nuff money.

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He has a lot of money. I real hungry. I am very hungry. Me head hurting me. My head is hurting. Dah is true.

Death of a Yogi - Willamette Week

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Rihanna, who has two younger brothers Rorrey and Rajad, would often see her father, now 57, surrounded by drug paraphernalia and slipping off to feed his habit, but was unaware of its significance. While her parents were battling their own personal problems, Rihanna would escape to school, first to Charles F. Eventually her parents split up for good — with Monica refusing to let Ronald see their children until he cleaned up his act. So he gave it up for us. While such traumatic beginnings might have broken a lesser character, such hardship has driven Rihanna on.

So my childhood… definitely helped me to survive. She always wanted to be a pop star — her neighbours called her Robyn Red Breast because she sang so much — and her father recalls her using her hairbrush as a microphone when she was three. The single shot straight to the top of the UK charts, where it stayed for 10 weeks and became the biggest-selling single of the year, shifting an astonishing nine million copies.

Bajan Dialect

It was this third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, which marked a significant change of direction for the previously clean-cut star. Kartar left his wife for Peraim. Earlier this year, Portland police ticketed his Porsche. Kartar, who bears a passing resemblance to the actor Liam Neeson, now wears his hair short and braided tightly in the back. He and the three others in charge of Sikh Dharma are, in the minds of many who devoted themselves to Yogi Bhajan for decades, no longer Sikhs.

Soon, a judge in Portland will decide if they deserve the power they attained. The Oregon Attorney General's office joined the case this year. The state's involvement was all but unprecedented. But given the concerns regarding the private parties' standing, the size of the disputed transaction and some questionable aspects of the transaction, we felt it was appropriate to get involved," Oregon Department of Justice spokesman Tony Green says.

That trial began on May 23, concluded on June 17, and both sides—along with dozens of Sikhs who traveled from all over the world to watch—are awaiting a decision from Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Leslie Roberts. Roberts gave signals during the course of the trial that she sympathized with the plaintiffs and the state—at least insofar as she believes the cereal division of Golden Temple should not have been sold.

But she also made clear that she is uncomfortable with the attorney general's proposed remedy—that she appoint a receiver to take charge of the Sikh Dharma organization. As the defendants have noted, such a decision would result in court-appointed clergy, a clear First Amendment problem. If she only had to decide whether or not the new leaders of Sikh Dharma breached their duties, Roberts' decision might be simple.

But the plaintiffs' argument goes deeper than that. They also argue that the new Sikh Dharma leaders in Portland should never have attained their positions in the first place.

There is some evidence to back them up. But the truth of what Yogi Bhajan wanted may never be known.

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It all comes back to what was—and what was not—in that envelope in the safe in Roy Lambert's office downtown: the yogi's last secret. What was in the envelope? At least, not the thing that everyone expected. According to Lambert's own testimony, Yogi Bhajan was supposed to leave two sets of instructions to be followed after his death. The first was to be the name of his chosen successor as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma. The second was to be a list of directors who would oversee the corporate side of things.

In his court testimony, Lambert claimed that when he opened the envelope containing Yogi Bhajan's will, he found only one name: that of Sikh Dharma's religious authority, Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa.