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Seriously exp Six trac EP of raw Detroit house rhythm that swings, shudders 'n' shakes in precisely the right places.

Tony Drake throws in a quite raw, yet simultaeneously sumptuous jazz laden musicology Well, here he is with his very own two trac EP. Both tracs are heavily on the percussive side with some excellent afro style rhythm going on, with 'P Now here's something to be frenzied over. A trio of Parrish paced wonders awaits, kicking off with 'Hush' comprisi Three tracs, all with a heavy tribal feel and pure Eastern enchantment to boot, quite different to Pirahnahead's previous output for Mahogani Music.

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A very interesting and quite unique release; refreshing t This EP is the perfect marriage of two creative producers, who bring excitement and inspiration to the dancefloor. And what a tasty brew of mixed styles on this very fine and unconventional compilation, but hey, what were you expecting from Mr Reggie Dokes?

The proceedings kick off with the gentle funk jam of 'My Peeps on 6' Many of the tracs here take on more of a dancefloor flavour than of some of Dokes' more recent material, but that by no It does take a few listens before this luscious long player permiates deep into the soul, but believe me, it's well worth making the effort.

An incredibly fine combination of warm, organi If you're feelin' the current vibes from fellow imprint Rhythmic Deep and of course the rest of the Psychostasia back catalog, then you are sure to dig this. Get to it! It is an opportunity to rediscover this album or The opening track immediately refers to Greek mythology. With 'Zephiros's Enlightening Anemos' we get a song that immediately sets the tone for the whole album.

Psychostasia (Weighing of the Souls)

With mystical chants, catchy rhythms, folky and ritual atmospheres, the link can be made with the music of Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, Ataraxia or Mila Mar. They reinforce themselves with rotating musicians to create an ethereal ensemble. They seek inspiration in ancient Greek instruments such as the lyre, kithara, pandura, santur and darbuka, to give a few examples.

With this, they distinguish themselves from the groups earlier mentioned: they seek and find that typical Hellenistic sound. Another very important instrument to their sound is the voice.

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Influences of the collaboration with singer Dessislava Stefanova head of the London Bulgarian Choir is obviously heard as in the title track 'Psychostasia'. In the official video clip of the pretty walzing 'Selene's Awakening Horos' they take us back to a self-recreated past: a hedonistic party where I see hidden vampires hanging around - the type as seen in 'Interview with the Vampire'.

Delicious imagery.