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The inspections ensure that gas operators are in compliance with the Arkansas Gas Pipeline Code. The Pipeline Safety Office is responsible for 1, miles of intrastate gas transmission and gathering pipelines, 20, miles of gas distribution mains, and , gas service lines.

Pipeline Safety

OPS is directly responsible for interstate gas pipelines and all liquid hydrocarbon pipelines in the state. Statistics indicate that transporting natural gas through pipelines is the safest mode of transportation. As long as natural gas flows through a closed controlled system, it remains a safe product. Only when gas unexpectedly escapes from a pipeline does it have the potential to be a hazard to life, property and the environment.

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There are many causes and contributors to pipeline failures. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 and safety standards administered by the U.

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  • This program is to ensure safe design, construction, operation, and maintenance of pipeline facilities in the state of Oregon. This is accomplished through education, inspection, enforcement, as well as investigation of complaints, incidents, and accidents. Half Column 1.

    Half Column 2. Full Width Column 2. Two Thirds One Third Column 1.

    Two Thirds One Third Column 2. The Commission continues to lead the nation in adopting and enforcing safety rules to enhance the integrity of pipelines throughout the state.

    The Commission also promotes and enforces an underground pipeline damage prevention program for Texas. The Pipeline Safety department is responsible for the enforcement of damage prevention regulations involving the movement of earth excavation surrounding pipeline facilities. The goal of the Pipeline Safety department is to encourage an efficient, economical, and safe pipeline industry; to that end, we oversee pipeline activities to ensure compliance with state and federal safety regulations and promote public safety and awareness.

    Complaint Filing.