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But God, in His divine wisdom, met this precious young girl right where she was and had a plan for her life. It encourages me because Jesus died on a cross to meet me right where I am, no strings attached. He not only died for me and granted me access to the Father and Eternal life in Heaven but has entrusted me to do His will while here on earth.

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I have to pause when I think of this virgin teenage Mary and her willingness to be obedient to her God that sent His angel with, in my opinion, an overwhelming calling. A calling to give birth to the Son of God. A calling to love and to nurture Him, to kiss his boo boos, to patiently instruct and correct Him at times. To watch Him grow into a man and perform miracles, to spread a message of hope and forgiveness to all people.

And finally to watch her beautiful baby boy be tortured then nailed to a cross while bearing the sin of all mankind as he slowly slipped into eternity in front of her eyes. I can certainly trust that He knows what He is doing and absolutely have confidence that my future is secure in Him.

I feel certain that Mary wept many tears and faced unimaginable obstacles along her journey that only she could traverse, yet she was still obedient and stayed the course. The following is an email my dad sent out in January of This would have been right in the middle of his ALS journey. He underwent a very invasive surgery a couple months prior to this email to insert a trachea tube in his throat. He was in the hospital for about three weeks following that procedure with tremendous difficulty adapting to it, yet he maintained a thankful and tender attitude toward God.

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Greetings to all of you. God is faithful and His mercy and love are new every morning. Recently my brother-in-law, Tom, who is battling lung cancer, gave me a saying that I thought was very good. You can do the same thing with what you are struggling with. In October, I had a trachea tube installed. The trachea tube was a real challenge for the first eight weeks, but now I have adapted fairly well.

I do rest better with the vent at night and wake up more refreshed. Vickie and I continue to keep our eyes on Jesus and walk day by day with Him. We are not going to let ALS rob us of our peace and hope. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It really means a lot t us knowing you are praying.

God is faithful. As his journey with ALS was just beginning, these were his thoughts. He would go on to endure 6 more years of agony but still never wavered from an attitude of thankfulness. These are all his words, they bring me such comfort even now as I can rejoice that he will be celebrating his first Christmas with Jesus in heaven. This is what he wanted all of us, his family and friends, to understand and I am so grateful to have these precious words from him….

It was really not a total shock to us because for eighteen months they had been testing me and the handwriting was on the wall. I am the fifth person in my family to have ALS. As a Christian, I thought about the word terminal and began to think about what that means here on earth. Yes, we will all die someday a physical death. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.

Do you believe this? This is good news for all of us! You may be a picture of health but no one can live forever in our earthly bodies. In I received Christ as my Savior and was taken from darkness into His marvelous light. Be of good cheer!

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Death has lost its sting and we will live forever with Him! Testing, drugs, needles and three failed pregnancies. We met our match—my reproductive system was as stubborn as my personality, but I was persistent. After five years we were exhausted! The specialists told us that this was the end of our journey with them because my body was not responding to treatments. I kept researching and grasping for any hope that this wasn't how it was going to end. Fast forward to December 6, I spent the day with a wandering mind. I was four days late in my cycle so I went ahead with a pregnancy test because I thought it would ease my mind.

I was taken by surprise as I saw that double blue line instantaneously fill the window on the test. My journey to motherhood was finally beginning. I still wonder about the others—the four babies that could have been. The losses we endured will never be erased, but my rainbow baby gave me purpose and gave me my hope back. Nolan is that bright beautiful rainbow after my storm. He is everything I hoped he would be! I will leave you with these parting words: Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, but the best things come to those who don't give up!

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  • So, on New Year's Eve , when those two little pink lines appeared on a home pregnancy test, I was filled with more joy and excitement than I have ever experienced in my whole life. A new year with a new baby to look forward to! My husband and I confirmed the news with the doctor and sure enough, a baby was growing inside me. Too early to hear the heartbeat, we scheduled another appointment the following week.

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    That night we celebrated. One week later, we went to the doctor's office, anxious and excited to hear our baby's heartbeat for the very first time. When I didn't hear the beautiful lub-dub sound that I was expecting, I looked to my doctor for some kind of explanation. He just looked me in the eye and said, 'I'm so sorry, there is no heartbeat.

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    We had already chosen Skylar if it was a girl. The months following my miscarriage were hard.

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    • I cried a lot and felt like my dreams of becoming of mother would never come true. What did I do wrong?

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      Could it have been prevented? Why me? I soon learned how common missed miscarriages are. People just don't often talk about them. My husband, Brian and I gave ourselves some time to heal and eventually decided to try again. I was so afraid it wouldn't happen or something would go wrong.