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The hardening, caused by resin, is what enables them, in part, to live so long as it protects them from disease. The species are also incredibly drought resistant. More Nearby Adventures. All 5 Photos. Have you done this adventure? Leave a review!

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Photograph the Bristlecone Pine Forest. Camp in Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. The starting pattern is a Glider colliding with a bit object. The Clock appears at generation , while the pattern finally settles down at generations. In the past, some of my large random pattern surveys turned up the occasional Clock, but whenever I looked closely at them, all that were examined showed that the Clock formed in the first generation or two and then somehow managed to survive all the turmoil of the next few thousand generations. I don't remember ever seeing one that appeared midway or late in a pattern's evolution.

Jason Summers took one of the predecessor generations and was able to produce a six-Glider construction which cleanly builds a Clock in 52 generations.

Clocks can be constructed with as few as four Gliders, and a few constructions from other objects are also known. Posted by HKoenig at Permalink. Andrzej Okrasinski has found a new methuselah record holder, a 15 bit intial pattern with a final population of after generations.

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David Bell quickly found a 13 cell predecessor, bringing the record to Some of the more unusual objects which make an appearance but which aren't in the final census include a Lightweight Spaceship [9P4H2V0. Tomas Rokicki has announced some of the results of a survey for methuselahs. The table below shows the record holding patterns for given bit sizes.

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More information can be found at his webpage. Other information about methuselahs, can be found at Dean Hickerson's website. Andrzej Okrasinski also announced his finding of the current record holding pattern. Site Info Authors H.

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