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In all these groups, unemployment levels had been decreasing throughout the Obama years, after peaking around the time of the recession.

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Average hourly earnings growth did continue throughout - a generally upward trend which began during President Obama's administration. In real terms after inflation is taken into account, wages increased by 1. This was reported to be the first year it had barely moved after three years of growth. Read more from Reality Check. Send us your questions. Follow us on Twitter. Ministers unveil plans for 40 new hospitals and a new mental health pilot for 12 areas of England.

US economy under Trump: Is it the greatest in history?

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  7. US economy under Trump: Is it the greatest in history?.

Related Topics Reality Check. More on this story. A quick guide to the US-China trade war. US labour market booms in June. Of that group, 99 ended in settlements or verdicts against them or the city. The Facebook posts were not specifically connected to incidents that were the subject of lawsuits, though in some cases the officers were supporting conduct, like using Tasers to subdue suspects, that could mirror the kind of conduct raised in complaints.

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In both cases, men claimed that he choked them. Both lawsuits ended in payments by the city to settle the claims. In late , Fenico shared an article from a now-defunct website that detailed examples of sensational events, whether real or not. The article, which seems to have been taken down, referenced a handcuffed teen whose face was injured after police used a Taser. Good job police. Fenico, one of the officers who responded to the call, ended up in an argument during which Fenico pointed his gun at the man, threatened to shoot him, and punched and choked him until he lost consciousness, according to the lawsuit.

In one, Oakes and another officer, working undercover, were accused of stopping a man as he walked down the street and assaulting him. In the other, Oakes was among a group of officers accused of assaulting a man who observed a police incident and attempted to record it.

The offensive posts were not just by the rank and file. At least 64 of the Philadelphia officers have leadership roles, serving as corporals, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, or inspectors, according to an employment roster from January. Palma, and members of his squad. The image showed a large bulletin board adorned with printouts of dogs with handwritten captions.

Philadelphia, Dallas, and Phoenix have social media policies that prohibit off-duty employees from posting content that is biased or discriminatory. Court rulings permit bans on potentially harmful speech such as threats and bigotry by public employees. Injustice Watch questioned the Philadelphia Police Department about several of the posts in February, providing the names of seven officers.

The department said that in response it had opened an investigation. According to a federal lawsuit, Officer Milord Celce Jr. Resettlement candidates first apply for refugee status while in another country and do not enter the U. Asylum seekers, by contrast, are people who migrate and cross a border without first having received legal permission to enter their destination country. While awaiting resettlement, refugees undergo health screenings and cultural orientations before entering the U.

The International Organization for Migration and U.

Office of Refugee Resettlement work with U. With offices across the nation, these agencies help resettle refugees across many states. Once resettled, refugees learn English and acquire job skills with help from local nonprofits like ethnic associations and church-based groups. After several months, financial assistance from federal agencies stops and refugees are expected to become financially self-sufficient.

Huawei says it's scrapping laptop launch because of US blacklisting

Most refugee households have someone who finds employment shortly after resettlement. Every fall, the U. In fiscal Oct. The following year, about 53, refugees resettled in the U. Trump set the refugee ceiling at 30, for the current fiscal year, and as of Aug.

U.S. says Navy ship 'destroyed' Iranian drone in Gulf - Reuters

Trump has set a ceiling of 18, refugees for fiscal , which starts Oct. Overall, the U. By comparison, the U.

From fiscal years to , an average of about , refugees arrived in the U. However, refugee admissions dropped off to roughly 27, in after admissions were largely suspended for three months following the Sept.

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