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They had a deal. Charlene would kidnap the girls and lure them in with the false promise of safety. Gerald would then keep them as sex slaves, ultimately killing them when he was finished. By , the couple killed 10 teenagers in Nevada and California. They were given the name "Sex Slave Killers. Once caught, Charlene turned on Gerald in return for a shorter sentence.

Gerald was found and was sentenced to death in both California and Nevada, but died of cancer before he was executed. Charlene got out of jail in after serving a year sentence. It's hard to pin down Terry Peder Rasmussen. They called him the "Chameleon" because he went by so many names and aliases. In New Hampshire, he was known as "Bob Evans" who killed one woman and three small children.

He stuffed their bodies in barrels in the woods. In California, he was "Gordon Jensen" where he killed two other women who were mothers of his babies. The body count rose across state lines, as his list of aliases grew. Rasmussen was finally identified last year, but he had already died in prison from different charges in When patients would look for him to care during their darkest times and he would respond by killing them, usually with prescription drugs. In his confession, Cullen said believed he was doing a community service, helping these sick patients relieve their pain. During his "60 Minutes" interview , he apologized for his crimes but said, "I don't know if I would have stopped.

Cullen only confessed to the 40 murders, but investigators and experts believe his body count might reach the hundreds. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 11 life sentences. Inside the trailer, he made a personal torture chamber, fitted with sex toys, handcuffs, whips, and chains. Ray would bring his victims to this chamber and torture them sexually before murdering them. Ray would often record the torture on video. He called this torture chamber the toy box, so he took on the name "The Toy Box Killer.

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Sometimes he let the women go after torturing them. For others , he cut them into pieces and threw their bodies into lakes and ravines.

Heidi Klum wears lace and sexy suspenders for her Intimates underwear campaign

He was sentenced to years in prison, but he died in prison of a heart attack in In , Rifkin was pulled over by police for not having a license plate. The police were suddenly struck by a smell escaping from the trunk of his car. The smell turned out to be Tiffany Bresciani decomposing body.

It was discovered that over four years, the Long Islander killed 17 women — most of them sex workers. He dismembered their bodies and disposed of the pieces all over New York. He was found guilty of killing 17 women and was sentenced to years in prison , which he is still serving. When 10 women were murdered in the mid-'90s in Charlotte, North Carolina, they all had one thing in common: They all knew Henry Louis Wallace.

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Each of the women was friends with Wallace's girlfriend or worked with him, and each had his name in their phone books. Wallace even attended some of their funerals. During his confession, he explained how he strangled each of his victims to death and disposed of their bodies in lakes or near railroad tracks. He is currently on death row, waiting to fulfill his death sentence.

Eugene Butler was declared insane in and died in an asylum a few years later. Two years after his death, a small town in North Dakota learned Butler may have been a serial killer. While excavating his former home, they found the bodies of six boys and young men buried under the floorboards.

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They were between the ages of 15 and They were killed by a blow to the back of the head. In , police received a call just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The woman calling said she had been kidnapped. When police arrived at the home, the place was filled with garbage to the ceiling. The smell of decay was overwhelming. Police found a strangled woman's body hiding under a pile of clothes. A second victim was decomposing in the basement. Shawn Grate was taken out of the home in handcuffs and later confessed to killing five women.

In May of this year, Grate was found guilty of those charges. He will be sentenced this summer. By the time she stopped her brutal reign over her family in the late '50s, she had murdered four of her husbands, one of her mother-in-laws, her two sisters, her grandson, her nephew, two of her own children, and even her own mother.

With some poison, she killed every family member that she disagreed with. What the NFL didn't know was that they just drafted one of America's deadliest serial killers. Woodfield didn't become well known as a football player. Instead, he was known as the I-9 killer after he killed over 40 people along the interstate in Oregon state in the early '80s. He would rob, rape, and kill his victims.

His preferred method: having his victim lay down and shooting them in the back of the head. Harvey Robinson is known for being one of the youngest serial killers reported in the United States. At just years-old, Robinson attacked and raped five women, killing three of them. In some cases, he would break into the victim's home.

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For instance, one of his more brutal cases was when he broke into a 5-year-old girl's home, raped, and strangled her. She survived the attack. Robinson is awaiting his execution after being sentenced to death. An article in The Boston Globe said it best: "He stabbed four of his neighbors to death in their own homes before he was old enough to drive. In , when he was just years-old he stabbed Rebecca Spencer to death. Two years later, he killed Joan Heaton and her two daughters. Price is currently in jail after confessing to the brutal murders. Since he was a minor at the time, he has not been sentenced for those crimes.

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In fact, Gaskins claimed he killed hitchhikers. First, he would abduct them and then he would torture them. He broke their bones, bit them, and sometimes acted on his cannibalistic instincts. It was making me ache. All over my body. My back … all the way down into my groin. The mere sight of a woman enraged these feelings … made them pulsate and grate in the pit of my stomach.

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After pushing her car off the road, he grabbed her and pulled her into a ditch. She fought back and got away.

Later, Anderson would be charged with two murders: Larisa Dumansky in and Piper Streyle in Although he only killed two women, authorities call him a serial killer that would have killed again if he had not been stopped. He hung himself in prison awaiting the death sentence. In the '90s, Paul Dennis Reid came to Nashville to become a country music star. As he struggled to make his way into the country music scene, he took a job as a dishwasher at a local fast food restaurant. But, he was fired one night in , apparently setting him down a murderous path.

From there, Reid went on to rob four different fast food restaurants and kill people inside. In all, he murdered seven people, becoming known as the "Fast Food Killer. He was sentenced to death but died in prison in from pneumonia.