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Her mechanic, William Wills, was at the controls, and Coleman left her seat belt unfastened because she would later be making a parachute jump. Something went wrong. The plane went out of control, and Bessie Coleman was thrown from the cockpit and killed. She was 34 years old.

Bessie Coleman and the Open Sky

Wills was also killed when the plane crashed; examination of the wreckage indicated that a loose wrench got jammed in the controls. Some 15, people attended her funeral. More enduring tributes followed. The Bessie Coleman Aero Club, established in Los Angeles in , fulfilled her dream of a flying school for African-Americans, and according to the National Aviation Hall of Fame , it played a large part in training the first generation of black pilots.

For years, African-American pilots in Chicago made an annual fly-over of her grave, Many years later, in , the Bessie Coleman Aviators Club was founded by a group of African-American woman pilots, and in , the Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp in her honor. Nearly a century later, her contributions to flight continue to be remembered. A great motivator to creating a startup is the aspiration of achieving a "hockey stick" revenue She was the first African American woman to fly.

Brave Bessie, Black Queen of the Skies

The book is a short biography from her childhood in Texas, to her work in Chicago, to her flight training in France and Germany, to her career as a flight instructor and stunt pilot. The book documents her legacy in aviation and in breaking down racial barriers. It contains a selected bibliography. For readers age 10 to adult. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Bessie Coleman

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Bessie, Queen of the Sky

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