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We don't have to struggle to believe for something that already belongs to us. But we do need to know it's ours or we won't take our rightful position in Christ and take advantage of what is already ours. What Jesus did, He did for us, and Jesus' defeat over Satan belongs to us.

No, we must arise boldly in the Name of Jesus and take our place in our inheritance as sons and daughters of the Most High God as the triumphant Church! And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. If God is for us, who can be against us? It is God who justifies. It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.

Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? I would like to ask us the question we were asked last week, with these three scriptures, does this sound like a defeated Church? Because knowing the truth and not acting on it does not guarantee our freedom. Because of Jesus' victory over Satan at the Cross, instead of being defeated, conquered, and ruled over, now in Christ we reign as kings in this life here in this world.

Because we are in Christ, Satan is under our feet. Before we served as slaves to Satan and spiritual death, but now we reign in life through Jesus Christ. This is part of the riches of our inheritance in Christ. Does this sound like a Church that is being ruled over and dominated by demons and evil spirits?

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The obvious answer is - No! When does the Bible say we will reign over Satan and his evil schemes against us? In the sweet by and by?

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When we all get to Heaven? Again, although not as obvious, the answer remains, No. Believers reign as kings in the realm of life now. We who are born again have become new creatures in Christ Jesus, and we are now the victorious ones, not the defeated ones. We are the triumphant church, not the defeated Church.

We reign as kings in life through Jesus Christ now. This is part of the wisdom the Holy Spirit is trying to get over to the Body of Christ in these Spirit-inspired prayers in the Book of Ephesians. In times past, we served as slaves of Satan, but now we walk in the newness of life Rom. Now because of our joint-seating with Christ in heavenly places, we reign as kings through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The message the Holy Ghost through Paul is endeavouring to get across to the Body of Christ is that 1. God wants the eyes of our understanding enlightened so we can understand that we reign with Christ in this life. God wants us to know we have victory over Satan in every contest and circumstance, even as Jesus had victory over Satan when He was on the earth. We don't have to struggle to be victorious; we just need to stand our ground with the Word against a defeated foe according to what we already possess in Christ.

It doesn't take all day to stand against evil spirits if you know your authority in Christ. Just speak the Word to them in the Name of Jesus, and they have to go. You don't have to fight with them because they've been defeated and dethroned. By standing on the Word against them, you are standing in Jesus' victory. The devil might hear you. The devil might try to lay sickness and disease on you. So if the devil ever comes knocking at your door with sickness, poverty, lack, or oppression, tell him, "Don't come to my house. You'll have to go peddle that junk somewhere else because I won't receive it!

It is also possible to give someone else permission, to pray for you in faith, but, really, you need to do something about taking authority over the devil for yourself. That's one way you grow in who you are in Christ. Take authority over Satan, sickness, disease, or whatever the enemy is trying to get you to receive. Stand against it for yourself in the Name of Jesus.

Believers make a mistake by accepting what the devil brings to them. By failing to recognize that the Greater One dwells in you, you will allow the devil to take advantage of you.

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  • It's one thing for Satan to dominate unsaved people who are in the kingdom of darkness; they're under his authority. But Satan and his cohorts are dominating too many Christians who don't know their authority or don't exercise their authority.

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    • That's why the believer needs to come to prayer understanding that all those spiritual forces have been defeated by Jesus. When the believer prays, he needs to pray from a position of victory because he is seated with Christ in heavenly places, looking down on a defeated foe. When you come to prayer, pray from a seated position in Christ far above principalities and powers where you have joint-seating with Christ. Jesus' victory is your victory. Because of what Jesus did, you are free from Satan's dominion.

      Believers Authority (Spirit-Led Bible Study) - Taking Dominion Over Sin Sickness Poverty and Death

      Too often Christians just hang on and try to do the best they can, not realizing what their inheritance in Christ really entitles them to. Instead of taking their rightful place in Christ as victors, they magnify the devil, and that gives him access in their lives. You can dwell on the negative side of things and you will become what you dwell on. What you are thinking about and dwelling on is what you are believing. What you are believing is what you are talking about. And eventually what you are believing and talking about is what you will become.

      Your Redemptive Healing: Experience God's Freedom, Wholeness and Blessing

      This applies in this area of demons and demonic activity too. If you think the devil's thoughts, you will become depressed, oppressed, and you can go into error. Or you can think on the Word, and your thinking can become enlightened, illuminated, and flooded with light.

      You can go around preaching how powerful the devil is, or you can get on the positive side where the eyes of your understanding have been enlightened to see the wisdom of God. Then you will be on the scriptural side and the victory side where you belong as a believer because of your triumph in Christ. Because I know Jesus defeated the devil, that's what I think on and talk about. And the Greater One puts me over in life and causes me to succeed because I'm giving place to God and the power of His Word, not to the devil.

      Conclusion Some Christians suffer defeat because they believe "greater is he that is in the world than He that is in them. Then they go to confessing that. Many are defeated in life because they have a negative confession; they're always talking on the negative side of things, and that opens a door to the devil in their life. They're always telling what they're not and what they don't have and about their weaknesses, failures, and lack. Invariably they go down to the level of their confession. If you believe and confess that the devil's power is greater than God's power, Satan will defeat you.

      But if you stand your ground in your blood-bought rights in Christ and confess that, you will rise to the level of your confession and inheritance. What a change would take place in your life if you stood your ground on the Word of God against every attack of the enemy in every test or trial! What a change would take place if you maintained a positive confession in Christ so you give no ground to the devil in your life! Then you would rise to the level of your confession—you would take your rightful place in Christ and you would be able to possess what Christ has already wrought for you.

      You would take your rightful place as the triumphant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ over all the power of the devil. Another gracious opportunity to learn at the feet of the Father. At the last teaching, we considered eight 8 Spiritual Blessings that we as believers in Jesus Christ have received in heavenly places through Christ Jesus. As great as this truth sounds, it is also important to know that we can only derive the benefits of this blessings only if they are acted upon.

      Knowledge Is Important Wise people store up knowledge, But the mouth of the foolish is near destruction. This is one of the reasons why the bible says that: Also it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge, And he sins who hastens with his feet. God, the creator of Heavens and Earth laments about the people without knowledge.

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      He gives ignorance as a basis of rejection. Need we say more about the importance of knowledge? Success in life is premised on the acquisition of knowledge. Acting On The Knowledge of the truth You Know Is Even More Important Any blessing, right, privilege, or authority can belong to you, but if you don't know about it, you won't act on it.

      Or if you don't act on what you know and exercise and appropriate what has been given to you, it won't benefit you. It won't become a reality to you even though it's your legal possession. That's why you need to have a knowledge of what belongs to you in Christ. But just knowledge of what belongs to you isn't enough.

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      It's knowledge acted upon that brings results. The devil doesn't want the people of God to find out the authority that actually belongs to them in Christ. This is one way Satan tries to defeat the child of God. He knows when the child of God finds out and acts on his legal, lawful authority in Christ, he will enjoy victory over him That's why Satan tries to obscure this knowledge and blind people's eyes and understanding and keep this vital knowledge from them.