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Cut the balls off of this program and dump the money into something more useful. Strong possibility of getting Xavier and Notre Dame as well since ND does not want its football in any conference. Boston University, although non-catholic, might be interested as it has a former VU asst, chambers.

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One more team and this ten teams. Dont forget, the Big East started as a basketball conference, period.

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The Syracuses of the world who whine about not enough football should keep in mind that they knew what they were getting into when they joined BTW, what has joining the ACC done for Boston College's sports programs, seriously? Seriously, you could probably pick off one or two more basketball only teams as well. St Joes is another that comes to mind If you ever went to a football game, you would know that it's actually good fun to watch those games, If the basketball team lost millions every year, there would be NO issue about it.

There is no doubt also that the level of competition in Basketball would drop significantly from where it is in an all catholic conference. I highly recommend reading the Tony Moss book even if you're on the side of dropping Villanova Football.. At this point, Villanova should do anything to make that man happy. After all of the success I am surprised to see you fellas settle for mid-major status.

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If the BE splits Georgetown accepts an Ivy invitation. Get up off the couch and enjoy great college football at a reasonable price. It will even be better when Nova starts playing its basketball rivals in football.

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I am for Nova making the jump to D1 Football. The indifference and general lack of interest in Villanova Football by the basketball faithful is a sour subject for the few Die Hard Villanova Football fans such as me. As an equal fan of both Villanova Basketball and Football, I realize that these programs may become more dependent on each other in the future than they are now.

While Villanova Basketball is a cash cow, the football team is seven figures in the red every year. I know what you're thinking.. Wrong, because in the near future, our status as a football program may be what decides our fate in basketball. The Big East is desperate to establish itself as a football conference after several years of mediocrity.

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The Big East is a small football conference only eight teams. So it's very likely that in the very near future they will look to expand. In the mid 90's they were looking to expand and extended an invitation to Villanova and UConn, UConn took the offer, and Villanova conducted a study to see how feasible the move was.

The Committee which was headed by Villanova graduate and former Rutgers Athletic Director Bob Mulcahy concluded that such a move was possible and was in the best interests of the athletic department and the school , but former Villanova President Edmund J. Dobbin O. Dobbin's refusal caused the AD at the time Gene DeFilippo to backtrack on his support for the program because he didn't want to be at odds with the boss.

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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. It'll give you a new appreciation of the sport on that level. This book takes the reader closer to the reality of college football, from the cost to the level of play to the desire of the coaches to do things the right way.

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His phone number wasn't in my Rolodex on my desk, or in a little black book in my briefcase. It was in my head because I called him so often.


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